Why do I ask question? / by PUI PUI IP

Why do I ask question?

Because I have no clue and I have to seek for the answer.


How heavy is cloud? 36-72 bathtubs water. How heavy is dark cloud? 150,000 school buses. How heavy is the Queen’s crown? 75 servings of cotton candy. How fast to take travelling around the world? 417 days non-stop walking. How far away is the moon? 1,700 years by scooter. How far can leopard jump? A length of a lorry truck. How fast does an elevator run right through the center of the earth from one side to another side? 2 weeks. How slow does sandpiper fly? You can beat it. How much calories does a large male killer whale need a day? It could have 500 bars of chocolate. How fast is light? 8.5 minutes to cover the distance from the sun to the Earth. How heavy is hippo’s brain? 3.5 pounds of its 10,000 pounds weight. How strong is rhinoceros beetle? It can lift up to 850 times its own bodyweight. How big is a blue whale heart? It is the size of mini cooper. How heavy is an elephant? 900 small poodles.


Thanks Jan Van Der Veken for telling me the answers in his illustration book “How big is big? How far is far?” Yes, some can be measured with an exact number, but some cannot.


I asked myself, “ How to write an Honest thing in a Dishonest way?” It might sounds nonsense, but it is worth thinking about this question. I was encouraged to write honest things if I want to be a good writer. But then what is honest? Honest is something true from your heart, but what wrong with dishonest?  Fine, what is dishonest? And what is dishonest way? What is the relationship between behavior and thought? What is the cost of dishonest? Why do I have to be a good writer? What is good writer? Why do I need an answer? Why does it so important to me? How does it become my art practice?..........……..


Am I weird to ask questions? No, I am not. Hans Ulrich Obrist has a handwriting project on Instagram where he invites artists to ask us a question.

Question 1 by Eten Adnan: Why did God create a world so hard?

Question 4 by Faith Ringgold: Where is art going?

Question 7 by Marina Abramovic : Who creates LIMITS?

Question 11 by Loz Johnson Artur : Who owns privacy?

Question 13 by Stephen Shore: When valuable cultural norms disintegrate, can they ever be reestablished?

Question 16 by Luchita Hurtado: What are we going to do to stop extinction?

Question 18 by Riekrit Tiravanija: Tomorrow is the question.


Asking and thinking about the question is interesting, but do I have to find a solution when making art? I don’t know. Typing “How” in Google and it comes up with “how to train a dragon”, well I wish to have a dragon too.