Touchable or Untouchable? I am confused. / by PUI PUI IP


Two weeks ago, while I was looking for the lift going up to the Conservatory at the Barbican centre, I bumped into a huge glass artwork at the lobby. Regardless of the details of the artwork itself, I was rather more interested in its label “ Please do _ _ _ touch the art_ _ _ _”. Obviously, some letters are being ripped off by someone who wants to challenge the rule.

“Please do not touch the art and keep a few feet away from a work of art, since artwork is so fragile that can be damaged even by clean hands.”

We are educated to obey the rule of museum etiquette. No matter how strong desire to touch the artwork, just DON’T TOUCH!!! Ironically, when we are allowed to touch, we doubt.

That brings me to question what is art? Is art touchable or untouchable?Until when I met the “Untouchable” list by Franko B in The Flying Dutchman, “art” is in the list.

At that glance, I understand. Art is untouchable by hands, but touchable by soul.