Interview with Pui Pui Ip / by PUI PUI IP


Pui Pui Ip: “Words are Powerful.”

PP: What’s your interest in word?

PP: “Words for me are very visually powerful, because with words people create their own vision”, French artist Laure Prouvost said, “I am just hinting and suggesting possibilities, the audience is making its own image in its head.”

Words are powerful. Even a single word, or short phrase can conjure up emotions and ideas. I believe when letters are well-placed, they have meaning, it is creation, it is art.



PP: Can you suggest artists who use words to make art?

PP: Ed Ruscha – he used the words in an ambiguous and playful way.

Bruce Nauman – the dizzy effect of his neon installations can push your emotion forward.

Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer – they understand the power of language, they utilized the text to make statements, force public to confront the societal issue.

Rene Magritte – “ This is not a pipe” challenges the role of written word in understanding the art work.


I am now looking forward to read a book “ The Word is Art” by Michael Petry who demonstrates that words remain critical, powerful and central to art practice while we are in our so-called ‘post-truth’ culture.


PP: English is your second language, and most of your works’ language are in English.   Why and is it a challenge for you?

PP: Yes, it is always and forever a challenge for me but I like it. If I have supernatural power, I wish to have subtitles appear in my sight when I am talking to people. Hahahha……you know what, chatting with foreigners is like talking to aliens from Mars, but when you are able to communicate with them, it’s a huge success!

Be true, English is an international language, it is quicker and easier for a wide range of audience to get resonate with my works, especially in London.

Also, I am so lucky to have studied English literature when I was young, the language used in poem, play scripts showed me how playful English can be.


PP: What are your influences?

PP: IKEA - a dream house can always give you inspiration. Every furniture, daily life objects, plants are telling their own stories, and the way we use them are enriching our own stories too. So I always imagine if they could speak, it would be a nightmare but fun.

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PP: What comes first when you make art?

PP: Make it fun. Life is all about a joke.