How to be a Pure Beauty? / by PUI PUI IP

To look for the answer, I went up to the library.

Luckily I met him.

I asked.

He answered,

“ Art poses questions, it does not provide answers.”

“Well……Can you talk more about it, please?

“ Are you sure? I am quite talkative.”

“Yes, please.”

“ Play is about freedom. But it is also about the freedom to get it wrong…to pursue one line of action, only to discover that the consequence is far distance from our intention. Anything is up for re-examinations. Something maybe a rule because it works for somebody, but it may not work right now for you. To test those boundaries of what is possible requires a playful spirit as well as a subversive one. Write a new rule and then break them again, this kind of play- laughter, subversion, inversion, tomfoolery-is both ancient and modern: a permanently available defense against all attempts of social authority and power. I go back and forth between wanting to be abundantly simple and maddeningly complex. I always compare what I do to the work of a mystery writer- you don’t want to know the end of book right away. What a good writer does is give you false clue. I prefer that kind of game. E is for Embarrassment. F is for Fun. Given the choice between an elegant idea and a dumb idea. I am going to go with the dumb idea. If the curator or critic’s job is to read the visual language, the artist’s job is to speak it fluently and eloquently. My work does not give you statements to be understood or appreciated, but intermittently reduces convoluted ideas to fundamental questions, or present us with “ maddeningly complex” puzzles to be decoded. The goal of art should be “ to be simple as flashcard”- in a straightforward, uncluttered way. If it’s not fun then why are you doing it? Push and enjoy themselves. Art is made by people- that it has a social aspect. The importance of going your own way; you are your own gyroscope. Do not knowingly repeat art history, why do something the outcome of which is already known? Your personality will come out in the work regardless – you don’t have to worry about “expressing yourself”. Simply keep the problematic work around the studio, to keep looking at it everyday and at some point, it might be a year later the missing ingredient will occur to you. Keep digging. I will try not to make any more boring art; and I will suffer in the process. I think when I’m doing art, I’m questioning how to do it. Along with a propensity for art-historical references, I like to explore and test the conventions of everyday life. What is my fundamental questions of art and life: When are things just what they are and when are they different than they are? I wrote something and rewrote it and rewrote it, so it has a certain kind of rhythm, and yet they just see, very offhand. I think artists are more sensitive to boredom and artists are better finding a way to kill their time and so they make art. I make art because I can’t get enough escape from boredom out of life. Look for the truth implies that there is a truth. If we weren’t looking for a truth, maybe we wouldn’t be frustrated. But I guess we can never get rid of the idea that there must be a secret of some sort. And so I want that to built in too. Humanity, generally speaking, too involved in making itself the measure of things, too caught up in its own concept of order. What is not there is as important as what is there. I like to give a bare amount of information that doesn’t asphyxiate the piece. When I fail, I have to taken away too much. When I succeed, there’s just enough to activate the mind but not enough to provide completeness.





Yes he was quite talkative and I nodded.

But my question is how to be a beauty.



Dear readers,

I bet you just scanned it without reading it seriously, right? It’s alright. Tell you the truth, I yawned when I typed. If you didn’t, come to me and I will give you a thank you hug.


And I will not tell you who is he, GOOGLE it if you are curious.

Have a nice day.